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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Rangefinder

By Nicholas Wilson | 06/08/2021
5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Rangefinder

To throw a quality shot in disc golf you must know the correct distance. On the flip side, it is hard to throw the correct shot when you don’t know the distance. Whether you do not trust the tee sign or you are looking at the basket from the fairway, it is imperative to know the distance so you can make the correct disc and shot selection. Enter the rangefinder. This tool allows you to dial in distances and have confidence in your shot assessments.

There are a few companies that have stepped up and have supported our sport by making disc golf-specific rangefinders. I highly recommend the products mentioned in this post, but more on this later. First, let’s unpack the 5 reasons you should get a rangefinder.

1) You Will Be Better

First and foremost, you will be better. If you use a rangefinder you will shave strokes off your score. Imagine simply using a small piece of technology that shaves strokes off your score without you needing to practice any more than you currently do. While you may not become a “better disc golfer” per se, your score will reflect the fact that you are shooting lower rounds. If for no other reason than this, using a rangefinder is worth the purchase.

2) Stop Second Guessing

How many times have you been on the fairway and wondered “How far is the basket from here?” Personally, this happens multiple times every round. This can be extremely frustrating when you throw a certain shot you thought was correct and then are left with a long putt. “What??” Well, you can never be sure unless you dial in the distance with a rangefinder.

I have also used a rangefinder off many tees when I don’t trust the distance represented on the tee sign. Oftentimes the measurement is labeled wrong and changes the type of shot I throw. Sometimes this leads to a putt of 15 feet rather than 35 feet. This makes a world of difference and can allow for stress-free putts. Stop second-guessing distances and simply measure the distance with your own technology. Then, throw your shot with confidence!

3) Better Disc Selection

As a result of dialing in your distance, your disc selection process will be simplified. How many times have you questioned the distance and ended up throwing the wrong disc? Be done with that process! Allow yourself to trust the rangefinder and make calculated decisions. This allows for confidence as you can be sure of the disc you are selecting.

4) Dial In Distance During Field Work

When doing field work it is always difficult to estimate the distance of throws. Yes, UDisc has a great app that allows for walking to your disc and giving you a distance estimate. However, this can be time-consuming and hard to estimate multiple shots at once. Enter the rangefinder. You are able to stand at your throwing location and dial in each throw. This gives you a much clearer and quicker idea of your distance.

Rangefinders also allow you quick measurements to targets in your vicinity. Say you are doing field work in a park with many trees and signs around. You can measure distances around you and throw a multitude of shots at specific distances. This helps you gauge the distance you throw certain discs and translates directly to the course. You can also dial in distances on the putting green to know when you are just outside the circle.

5) They’re Not THAT Expensive

There are many different types of rangefinders on the market today. Many of these are used for hunting purposes and give distances in yards. However, there are a few manufacturers that make rangefinders specifically for disc golf. The most popular company is Bushnell and they have two specific models for disc golf. The first model they produced is the Bushnell Sport 850 and runs for only $150. It gives you distances in feet (most other rangefinders only give you yardage) and measures distance from 5 feet through 2,550 feet with +/- 3 feet of accuracy. The newer and updated model is the Edge Disc Golf Laser Rangefinder. This model is also $150 and has all the bells and whistles of the Sport 850 model but allows for calculating slope. This feature gives you a reading in degrees, whether above or below, of the target relative to your position.

If you’re looking for a cost-friendly option, the Rogue RRF-100 is perfect for you. This rechargeable rangefinder measures in feet, yards, and meters and will only set you back $110, compared to the standard rate of $150.

The photo below gives you a view through your Edge Disc Golf Laser Rangefinder. Notice how the image is 6x magnified and all of the readings are displayed with the click of a button.

You can also use rangefinders to measure the distance at close ranges. Bushnell’s website claims you can use their Bushnell 850 to dial in distances from as close as five feet. I find the biggest benefit of this calculation is when you are putting from the edge of circle one. There is no more second-guessing if you are inside or outside the circle. Simply spot the rangefinder on the basket and know your distance. Then you know for certain whether you can follow through with your putt or if you need to hold your stance.


Rangefinders will improve your game. It is a very simple and physically small tool that travels well and will shave strokes off your score. They are great for all distances and allow confidence when making disc selections. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a rangefinder. After all, all you have to lose are a few strokes!

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