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Dynamic Discs: Behind the Brand

By Nicholas Wilson | 05/17/2022
Dynamic Discs: Behind the Brand

Dynamic Discs (DD) is an all-American story of a young college kid looking to make a few bucks from his hobby. Jeremy Rusco started playing disc golf while in college at Emporia State University in Kansas. He had an idea to buy discs in bulk and sell them on eBay for a modest profit. From these modest beginnings, Rusco’s little hobby turned into a multi-million dollar company at the forefront of the fastest growing sport in the world.


The history of DD starts with Founder Jeremy Rusco. It all started in 2005 as an eBay-based college hobby while getting a business degree at Emporia State University. Rusco enjoyed the sport as a college hobby and did not expect the idea to blossom further. How wrong he was! Upon graduation in 2006, he recognized his small business was gaining traction due in large part to the passion of the disc golf community.

In the beginning, Rusco was selling one disc per week. This was a very light workload for a kid-focused on his college studies. But soon, that one disc per week turned into two, three, four, and so on. The growth was exponential, and he soon hired his first employee. This led to new ventures for the brand, including disc dyeing, apparel, running events, and player sponsorship. Eventually, in 2011 DD opened up a brick and mortar storefront in Emporia, which they figured would be big enough for any future growth.

Then came the jump that propelled DD to the next level. In 2012 Rusco decided that it was time for DD to start producing its own discs. Through this decision, DD partnered with Latitude 64 out of Sweden to produce their first four discs; the Trespass, Escape, Fugitive and Judge. Players took note, and in 2013 the Judge won the Thrower’s Choice award for the Disc Of The Year. This propelled the company even further into public consciousness.

As a direct result of releasing this disc lineup, their sales soared. Remember that brick and mortar space they thought would be big enough? They needed more space to store their plastic, so a mere two years later, they upgraded to a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse called Dynamic Distribution in 2013. This would be enough space, right? Wrong! Only one year later, they doubled their space to a total of 20,000 sq. ft. Business was booming.

Another aspect that has thrived is hosting tournaments. DD hosts the Glass Blown Open (GBO, now known as the Dynamic Discs Open-DDO) every year on multiple courses throughout Emporia, KS. This tournament is really a series of tournaments over a week’s worth of festivities and has many tiers and divisions for players to enter. In 2018 the GBO expanded to 1,600 competitors making it the largest tournament in disc golf history! They still hold this title to this day.

Family Business And Current Operations

What sets DD apart from other companies in disc golf is that it is a true family business. In 2014 Rusco recognized DD needed a dedicated sales team. He hired his brother, Jamie, as National Sales Director. Upon hearing this news, their parents, Clark and Donna Rusco, relocated back to Emporia to help out with the family business.

DD has grown to encompass 50 employees between their retail store and Dynamic Distribution. They currently sponsor over 100 players throughout various facets of the game. They have over 30 molds of discs as well as bags, carts, clothing, and a very active YouTube Channel. I highly recommend their YouTube channel for learning the game, as well as enjoyable podcasts. They do a great job at engaging their sponsored pros in videos as well as one of the best teaching series on the interwebs with Danny Lindahl. Lindahl is the person that coined one of the most useful phrases in the sport; “Slow is smooth, and smooth is far.”

Sponsorship and World Champions

As Dynamic Discs grew throughout the early 2000s, they ventured into the sponsorship realm. According to the DD website: “Jeremy became friends with local touring pro Eric McCabe as he learned to play disc golf in Emporia. Eric and Jeremy agreed to have Eric become Dynamic Discs’ first sponsored player, and Jeremy often thanks him for representing the early apparel, because hand-pressed shirts don’t often have the cleanest, straightest logos, and McCabe was happy to wear them and save Jeremy/Dynamic Discs a few bucks!”

McCabe was a touring professional for many years when in 2010, he won his first (and DD’s first!) PDGA World Championship in the MPO division. DD currently sponsors three other PDGA World Champions:

  • Ricky Wysocki- MPO 2016, 2017
  • Paige Shue- FPO 2018
  • Ron Convers Jr.- Grandmasters 2016, 2017, 2019

Other notable current DD team members include:

  • Kona Panis
  • Valerie Mandujano
  • Gavin Rathbun
  • Chris Clemons
  • Mason Ford
  • Zach Melton

What’s Next?

DD is a company that continually evolves due to Rusco’s work ethic and comprehensive approach. Rusco is known to say, “We’re always working on something.” And that something continues to expand. They are currently producing discs as quickly as they can get them out of the injection molding machines. DD has a webpage dedicated to release dates for popular discs. They also have a page dedicated to proposals for charitable donations (i.e., you need funding to put in a course, etc.) as well as an application for player sponsorship. If you have ideas or want to represent the company, feel free to reach out and tell your story. You never know what may come from it. Also, don’t forget to check out the Rogue website for all of their newest releases. DD has something for everyone!

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