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How to Pack Your Bag: A Personal Endeavor

By Nicholas Wilson | 12/30/2020
How to Pack Your Bag: A Personal Endeavor

Over the river and through the woods to the disc golf course we go! Wait, I need to pack my bag first. But what to bring? You are in the right place. Disc golf rounds are adventures and you want to make sure you are prepared. What you carry in your bag is specific to your personal needs (including discs) and environmental conditions. There is no right way to pack your bag, but it certainly deserves some thought.

I will break down this list into essential and non-essential items. Essential items should be in your bag at all times. Non-essential items should be brought with you based on a number of different factors. If weight is an issue you can think about using a cart. Disc golf specific carts have progressed greatly in recent years and are a viable option. Carts ensure you can bring everything you need to the course while maintaining energy throughout your round. Let’s take a look at essential items for your bag.

Essential Items

There are certain items that you should carry in your bag at all times. Let’s call these essential. These are useful across a wide array of circumstances and are necessary to have close at hand. Essential items are as follows:

  1. 1. Water
  2. 2. Snacks
  3. 3. Mini Marker
  4. 4. Hand Dryer/Grip Enhancer
  5. 5. Towel
  6. 6. Sharpie/Pencil

Let’s break down why each one of these items is essential for EVERY round you play.

  • Water
    • Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Water is a no brainer and is number one on the list for a reason. No matter what course you are playing it is imperative to bring water to keep you going.
  • Snacks
    • Snacks can make or break a round. The back 9 can become a drag when you don’t have quick-hitting calories for a pick me up. Bring calorie-dense items such as trail mix and energy bars.
  • Mini Marker
    • Mini markers are always used in tournament rounds. If you want to practice how you compete it is a good habit to use your mini marker when putting. While this is not necessary for every round, mini markers are always useful to have in your bag.
  • Hand Dryer/Grip Enhancer
    • No matter if your hands get wet or not this is a quality item to carry with you. Your grip is necessary to execute shots. Your grip enhancer will ensure that your hand is always attached to the disc in the proper fashion. I always carry a whale sac hand dryer for every round I play.
  • Towel
    • You never know what kind of mess you will need to clean up on the course. It may be water or mud or sweat or dirt or any number of other substances. But trust me, you will need a towel often in your rounds!
  • Sharpie/Pencil
    • You will get an ace, yes you! Remember to bring your sharpie so you and your friends can sign your disc after this happens. You may also buy a disc and need to put your information on its underside. A pencil is always useful if you want to keep score or notes during any of your rounds.

Non-Essential Items

What about weather? Environmental factors make certain items necessary to bring to the course. These items are as follows:

  1. 1. Umbrella
  2. 2. Rain Jacket
  3. 3. Bug Spray
  4. 4. Sunglasses
  5. 5. Extra Layers of Clothes
  6. 6. Hat
  7. 7. Waterproof Socks (just in case)

These items are self-explanatory. Your geographic region and season will determine what extra items you need to bring to the course. Just take a few moments before your round to check the weather and pack your bag accordingly. Mother Nature has a tendency to change her ways when we least expect. A little planning goes a long way for enjoying a round.

There are a multitude of other items that you may want to bring to the course with you. These are personal preferences and many aspects go into the decision-making. Following is a starter list for items you may want to bring to the course but are non-essential.

  1. 1. Disc Golf Stool
  2. 2. Disc Retriever for Water
  3. 3. Multi-Tool
  4. 4. Baseball (for getting discs out of trees)

Let’s break down why each item may be of use.

Disc Golf Stool

Stools are extremely useful for three circumstances; long courses, courses with no benches, and courses that have high sun exposure. They fold down into a slim design and have minimal weight compared to the relaxation you will receive.

Disc Retriever for Water

A disc retriever may just be your best friend. They have a sleek and lightweight design for easy portability. Imagine you just threw your favorite driver into the drink and you’re preparing to say goodbye forever. Wait, not so fast! You remembered your disc retriever. You may also just save the day for someone else on the course.


These are useful for a variety of reasons. They are lightweight and can come to the aid of many a disc golfer in need. They can be especially useful for fixing gashes in discs and opening beverages.


Sometimes you get a disc stuck in a tree. Sometimes there are no items around to throw up at your disc. Voila! A baseball is a small and lightweight item that can help you out in a pinch. It is also an enjoyable item to have if there any slow downs on the course.


Your bag is your lifeline on the course. Take some time before your round to pack and it will take care of you. For me, the extra weight is always worth the effort to gain extra comfort. This is a highly personal endeavor and I’m sure I did not mention many items that you consistently pack in your bag. Essential items are to be left in your bag at all times while non-essential items can be taken out between rounds. Remember, there is no right way to pack your bag and if you need a bag, Rogue Discs has you covered. Take the time to pack your bag for each individual round and enjoy yourself out there!

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