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What Is In Ricky Wysocki’s Bag?

By Nicholas Wilson | 05/10/2022
What Is In Ricky Wysocki’s Bag?

Ricky Wysocki is a man on a mission. This past offseason he switched sponsors and signed a four-year deal with Dynamic Discs (DD) worth 4 million dollars plus incentives. With this deal he is also able to throw discs from the other two manufacturers in the Trilogy lineup; Westside Discs (WD) and Latitude 64 (LAT 64). He is well adept at throwing discs from the Trilogy lineup as he was sponsored by Latitude 64 for four years before leaving for Innova in 2019.

Wysocki has made a statement this year coming out of the gate firing on all cylinders. He finished in the top 12 in all four of his tournaments thus far and took home the title at the DGPT Elite Series Texas States Tournament. He looks to continue the momentum after winning the Player Of The Year award in 2021.

Below is a breakdown of discs in Wysocki’s bag. Each disc is listed with various information and has a link to its product page on the Rogue website. The information included is the disc name, plastic-type, flight numbers, disc description from Rogue or the manufacturer website, and an explanation from Wysocki himself in quotes. Much of the information for this blog was gathered from Wysocki’s In The Bag video on Youtube.


Dagger(LAT 64 x3) 2 / 5 / 0 / 1

The Dagger is a beaded putt and approach that features a deeper profile, giving it longer air time. For more control in your short game, it will provide slow and stable flights. This is Ricky’s go-to putting putter.

“Those are my go-to. That’s gonna anchor the bag, that’s for sure!”

Harp– (WD x2- BT Hard and Moonshine VIP) 4 / 3 / 0 / 3

The Harp is an overstable putt and approach disc providing you with reliable shots in any condition. For advanced players, it could be the only approach disc needed. For those newer to the game, it will be your most overstable approach disc. This is Ricky’s go-to throwing putter for approach shots.

“I’m well known for(throwing the) Harp. I’m gonna be putting two different types of plastics in the bag…The Moonshine Harps are amazing.”


Justice(DD- Lucid) 5 / 1 / 0.5 / 4

The Justice is a very overstable midrange that will become the utility disc of choice in your bag. It won’t flip over when throwing into headwinds.

“The Justice is a super versatile overstable mid-range, great wind disc and it has that little bit more overstability than the Harp.”

EMAC Truth– (DD- Fuzion X) 5 / 5 / 0 / 2

The Emac Truth is an overstable midrange designed to provide a more stable flight than the regular Truth. As Eric McCabe’s signature disc, it was designed to his specifications. It’s effective as an upshot driver and will hold any line you throw it on.

Compass– (DD) 5 / 5 / 0 / 1

The Compass is a straight flying midrange that can hold a line and remain predictable. It’s designed to work from any angle and in the hands of any player.

Fairway Drivers

Explorer(LAT 64 x2- Opto ICE) 7 / 5 / 0 / 2

The Explorer is a stable and versatile fairway driver that provides a clean and stable flight. It was voted 2018 Disc of the Year for its controlled glide and straight flight path, providing the accuracy players are looking for on their fairway shots.

“These things will really glide out. I think the dome really helps with glide.”

Felon– (DD x2- Fuzion Orbit) 9 / 3 / 0.5 / 4

The Felon is a very overstable fairway driver that feels great in your hand with an easy release. It’s a wind-fighting driver that will continue to sail without turning over despite any windy conditions.

“These are versatile for sidearm and backhand, that’s why the Felon is such a great disc.”

Evader– (DD- Lucid) 7 / 4 / 0 / 2.5

The Evader is your new go-to fairway driver. It has controllable speed with excellent glide and enough stability to hold the line, even into the wind.

Distance Drivers

Adder(WD- Tournament X) 13 / 5 / 0 / 4

The Adder is ready to bail disc golfers out of the windiest of conditions. With high speed and a pop-top giving good glide, only the biggest arms will have a chance to make this disc turn over. For everyone else, it will be a very useable utility disc for when you need a distinct fade with speed through the flightpath.

“This is a versatile overstable distance driver…This thing is a meat hook! It’s got that nice overstable predictable finish with a skip.”

Raider– (DD x2- Lucid and Fuzion) 13 / 5 / -0.5 / 3

Similar to Innova’s Destroyer, the Raider is an overstable driver created for players of all skill levels. With some power, it will fly long distances for a variety of shots. With lower arm speed, it will remain dependable to help extend their flights.

“Sidearm and backhand, my absolute bomber max distance driver.”

Ballista Pro– (LAT 64- Opto) 14 / 4 / 0 / 3

The Ballista Pro was created to add distance off the tee for the experienced golfer. With a wonderful balance of speed, glide, turn, and fade, the Ballista Pro is great for a great combination of distance shots. It is also a go-to disc for tight fairway drives.

“These things bomb!”

Rive– (LAT 64- Royal Grand) 13 / 5 / 0 / 3.5

The Rive is a great distance driver for high-performance disc golfers. The combination of superior speed, impressive glide, and a predictable, overstable flight will be a staple for serious players and was the first release in the ROYAL line by Latitude 64.

“Great for versatile sidearms and backhands.”

Enforcer– (DD- Lucid X) 12 / 4 / 0.5 / 4

The Enforcer is a wide rim, high-speed driver that is an overstable complement to the Trespass. The Enforcer is reliable in windy conditions and is best suited for players with lots of power.

“Super stiff, super pop-top, and these things are very predictable.”

Bringing It All Together

Ricky Wysocki is on a tear. After a successful 2021 season that earned him the Player Of The Year award, he has settled into a groove with his new disc lineup at DD and Trilogy. This says a lot about the quality of plastic as well as his world-class skill set. Head on over to the Rogue website to get your hands on all the discs mentioned in this article and many more. May you take some inspiration from Ricky and have fun throwing out there!

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