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When Is Eagle McMahon Returning?

By Nicholas Wilson | 06/22/2022
When Is Eagle McMahon Returning?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Eagle McMahon is learning the wisdom behind this phrase the hard way. He has missed the entire month of May this season due to a shoulder injury and is currently in a physical therapy regimen to get back on the competitive circuit. McMahon is grinding out the recovery process as his fellow athletes are on the road grinding out tournaments as the West Coast swing of the tour is winding down. He is dearly missed on tour as he is currently the fourth-ranked player in the world. His passion is palpable, and his drive is inspiring. He has been at the top of the sport for many years, and sometimes we forget that he is still a young man at the ripe age of 24.

Do we know when McMahon may come back? We do. Read on to find out about the details of his injury and a timeline for recovery. But first, let’s take a look at McMahon’s history with injuries.

History Of Injuries

McMahon began playing disc golf in 2007 at the age of nine years old. He progressed quickly and entered the professional ranks in 2011. He then won his first A-Tier tournament (Colorado State Disc Golf Championship) in 2014 at the age of 16. Throughout this time, McMahon was relatively healthy. Then came 2019.

McMahon has been known for two things throughout his career; crushing long-distance drives and wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Both of these aspects contributed to injuries beginning in 2019. His first injury was his elbow from repetitive use. He now wears a compression sleeve over his right elbow to help alleviate the pain. The second was a self-inflicted injury at the 2019 United States Disc Golf Championship(USDGC). He became frustrated after throwing a shot and punched the ground and was subsequently diagnosed with a boxer’s fracture, leaving him out of the last few tournaments of the 2019 season.

He came into the 2020 season healthy and had a solid year. Then, in October of 2021, Mcmahon tried throwing a 360 forehand while filming a promotion for JoMez. He dislocated his throwing shoulder and has been on the mend ever since. He felt strong enough to start the 2022 season with the DGPT All-Star Weekend over February 11-13. Things were looking good. He noticeably did not throw forehands but rather showcased a lefty backhand that he had been working on over the off-season.

He went on to play four tournaments in early 2022 and fared well. Then, on the sixth hole of his final round at the Jonesboro Open on April 24, McMahon tried throwing a forehand off the tee. He felt a pop in his shoulder, and out of an abundance of caution, he withdrew from the event.

We haven’t seen McMahon in tournament play since this incident. McMahon had this to say in late April, directly after the shoulder injury; “My shoulder, prior to Jonesboro hole 6, felt 95% normal in daily activities. The only time I could notice something wrong was throwing sidearms or similar motions. As of now, my shoulder feels jarred from the sidearm at Jonesboro – but is feeling better day by day with light exercises and a host of other therapies.”

Recovery And Return

McMahon has been steadily rolling through the recovery process for his shoulder. He had this to say about his progress; “I have a great team of professionals guiding me through the recovery process. I am currently working with an Orthopedist, DPT, DC, MAT Master Specialist, and of course Seth Munsey from Disc Golf Strong.” McMahon then went on to say this about when he may return to competitive action; “I’m prepared to take the time necessary to fully recover, even if it means missing important events this season. My health and longevity are what takes precedence. I want to say I’ll be back sooner than later – but this experience taught me it’s not wise to rush the process.”

McMahon has released very little to the world of his rehab progress. However, he appears to be sticking to his methods of taking his time for a return. He took the entire month of May off from competitive action, and it appears he will also continue his rehab throughout June. As of now, according to his player page, his first event back on tour will be July 8-10 at the Open At Idlewild. This will mark ten weeks since his injury at Jonesboro. Let’s hope he is fully healed and can make a full comeback.

He had this to say about his time off; “The next step for me is to be proactive…During my free time, I’ll continue to strengthen my body, produce content for my YouTube channel, spend time with friends and family, and perhaps hone my lefty skills further.”

Bringing It All Together

Something feels off this season without Eagle McMahon on the course. He has arguably the best skillset in the world and is a polarizing figure on the course. His passion for the sport is undeniable, and tournaments will be more exciting upon his return. However, we must wait. McMahon is embedded in rehab and will make certain to return when he is ready, no sooner. May you get better young man. Disc golf is more exciting with you in the sport.

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