Chris Clemons has made a living with his southpaw. He is one of the most dominant lefties on tour and is comfortable throwing forehands and backhands alike. It takes some quality plastic to succeed at such a level! Chris “Clemon-ade” Clemons is sponsored by Dynamic Discs which gives him access to the entire Trilogy lineup, which also includes Latitude 64 and Westside Discs. Here's what you'll find in Chris Clemons' bag.

Tyler Wardrop
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Jan 18th, 2022
Chris Clemons

Westside Discs Harp

The Harp is an overstable putt and approach disc providing you with reliable shots in any condition. For advanced players, it could be the only approach disc needed. For those newer to the game, it will be your most overstable approach disc.

Dynamic Discs Judge

The Judge is a stable putter featuring an ultra-straight flight pattern. It works well for both putts and approach shots.

Latitude 64 Fuse

The Fuse is an understable/stable midrange disc that can hold curves with minimal fade. Co-designed with pro Jesper Lundmark, it can hit distances up to 300 feet or carve through trees and obstacles.

Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth

The Emac Truth is an overstable midrange designed to provide a more stable flight than the regular Truth. As Eric McCabe's signature disc, it was designed to his specifications. It's effective as an upshot driver and will hold any line you throw it on.

Dynamic Discs Verdict

The Verdict is a very overstable midrange built to withstand lots of torque while providing accurate and consistent flight paths. It features a flat top and finishes with a hyzer fade at the end.

Dynamic Discs Felon

The Felon is a very overstable fairway driver that feels great in your hand with an easy release. It's a wind-fighting driver that will continue to sail without turning over despite any windy conditions.

Latitude 64 Explorer

The Explorer is a stable and versatile fairway driver that provides a clean and stable flight. It was voted 2018 Disc of the Year for its controlled glide and straight flight path, providing the accuracy players are looking for on their fairway shots.

Dynamic Discs Getaway

Do you love the Escape but need more stability? Look no further than the Getaway. While it shares the feel and glide of an Escape, the Getaway boasts a more predictably overstable flight with moderate fade. When straighter flights with a subtle fade are a must, trust the Getaway.

Dynamic Discs Defender

The Defender is a fast and stable that can cut through the wind. It's predictable flight path provides consistency which is why it's a go-to for many professionals and amateurs alike.

Dynamic Discs Enforcer

The Enforcer is a wide rim, high-speed driver that is an overstable complement to the Trespass. The Enforcer is reliable in windy conditions and is best suited for players with lots of power.

Westside Discs War Horse

Disc golfers can charge into battle with this overstable distance driver from Westside Discs, the War Horse. Combining higher speed with dependable stability, the War Horse can tackle strong winds with pinpoint precision.

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