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Apr 19th, 2022
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Yikun Twin Swords

Love this disc get so much distance out of it, and as it matures it straights out and gets a nice faint S curve going. Have had it for 4 years now. it's a main Driver for me.

Westside Discs Giant

2022, My Son gave this to me as a Christmas gift. I have been practicing with it some, and at first I wasn't getting the distance out of I thought I would, but now that I two it more, it's really getting out there. love it.. My is a 14 speed however. Plus my son did a custom print job off his art work of his own. Love it...

MVP Cosmic Electron Atom

I have had this this since 2019. I aced a local hole with elevation over 150" drop to the basket at 258" away. Was with a friend that started talking about just throwing Putter at some shorter holes. Had no idea this was going to be even close to going in... "Bam". the one time we don't video an Ace run try... made my year... again this is a Atom, Cosmic, electron putter.. you don't find many out there, but I lovvvvvvvvv it.... I was throwing a Birdiee before this one... I am 6'3 big guy

MVP Proton Inertia

man I can throw this as far as my drivers some time, so when I first start playing and if I don't get to warm up, my first hole or 3 will be this disc, when I start to over power it, I know my arm is loose and I can step up to my 12 to 14 speed disc. you will absolutely love the distance you get out of this disc.

MVP Cosmic Neutron Wave

This is another go to driver when my arm is cold and sluggish. I get some great distance out of it, need to learn how to work it better after my arm speed is warmed up to see if I can get a different play out it . Love the feel of this disc and can get some great birdies shots out of this driver.

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