About Rogue Discs

About Rogue Discs

Our mission is to be the most valuable resource for disc golfers looking to improve their game.

According to Merriam-Webster, to go rogue is to begin to behave in an independent or uncontrolled way that is not authorized, normal, or expected . We are disc golf enthusiasts eager to bring our expertise in usability, customer experience and ecommerce to the world of disc golf.

Despite all the online resources at our disposal, it's easy to feel lost as you learn to play disc golf. Learning how to throw discs is challenging by itself. Understanding how each disc will fly for you and choosing the right gear at each stage of your development is equally challenging and critically important.

Our goal is to make life easier for disc golfers of all skill levels. We're new in this space, but our ambitions are big and we want to make the sport more enjoyable no matter how far you can throw. More players having fun will grow the sport, which is good for everyone.

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Your customer service has been extremely appreciated throughout this and is why I will always be searching Rogue first to see if you have what I’m looking for!

- Drew K.
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